The Way We Live, Salone Rome 2020

A world in which utopia has become a reality: corruption is not an element of power. Sexism is not part of the culture. Activism is not a marketing strategy. Politicians go unnoticed instead of being in the news. Bureaucratic procedures are short and simple. Life is real, not a mere technicality.

A walk through effective dystopia: in daily life the endless procedures touch on absurdity, it is the violence of the procedure. The poorer one is, the greater the presence and effect of bureaucracy. In the film Office a civil servant speaks. The bureaucrat is a robot that manipulates documents.

The Dangers of Populism, Rome 2019

Excess bureaucracy is a symptom of the lack of trust between the individual and the state. But there is another, more lethal form in which the citizen/government relationship is distorted: negligence. The video, 154 Slaps can be an illustration may be an illustration of what every politician who did not take action to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus should do to himself after his resignation.

In front of the immigration office, like ghosts in the night, immigrants line up for their passports or visas: The Immigration LIne. It is assumed as natural a way of life that because of its degree of alienation is intolerable.

The State, which is paternalistic in its assistance, incapacitates and takes away more than it gives. In Corviale the architecture is magnificent and the views are spectacular; but the management and services are non-existent for the thousands of people in the one-kilometer building who want to prove that social housing is a failure.

In the “Villaggio della Solidarietà”, in via di Salone, there is no architecture or landscape. The State destroyed the unique houses that the romanies  had built for themselves and moved them into containers in the middle of nowhere.