pig skin dress_jana e isabel leo

2017-2019 No Violaras (Do not rape)

Under the title of Do Not Rape, I created this dress of pig skin as the icon of the project, to illustrate being used by others or treated as an object. I made three movies and a play. The work try to dismantle the “stories” that the perpetrators make for themselves to create the fallacy that a sexual assault is a normal sexual act. The Pack of dogs is about gang rape and teaches male roles, peer pressure, and escalation of a stalking situation. The Hallway is an assault by a stranger who, to justify his action, pretends there is something going on between them, as if it were romance. The Novice shows the control that an adult has over a child, in this case a nun and a girl. And it tries to put into words the feelings that abused children have.
Rape education prevention campaign using artistic materials.

The objective of the work is to educate potential aggressors instead of potential victims in order to prevent sexual abuse and assault. (With funds from The City of Madrid).
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